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This aesthetically stunning place has a discussed function. Some think this was the place were the service had their accomodation, while others consider that this was the location of the craftsmen and their workshops.

The Festivity Square or Artisans Square was not erected only to celebrate bullfights, but was also used as a relief for the stables, which had direct acces to the square. Its architecture includes the arcades and balconies typical from the castilian squares, the plaster and the Moorish bricks, and a rectangular shape, with asymmetrical exits. Great stone arches gave acces to this place, crowned by undulating mouldings and pyramidal tops.

Being this the place intended for leisure of the inhabitants of Nuevo Baztán, its architecture is carefully ornated with sculpted stone and wood beams in the upper galleries opened to contemplate the festivities, mouldings and ornaments framing the doors and the arcades opened in one of its sides, while combining skillfully materials from popular architecture -bricks, stone, forged iron and timber- without loosing its monumental character.

The Goyeneche family, as well as the Royal Family, enjoyed bullfights, plays or concerts in this square while celebrating feasts. In those occasions, all the galleries were decorated.

As a link between the square and the palace, we can observe the outstanding Arch, recently restored, featuring two different facades, the inner one better finished than the outer one.