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Nowadays only the stone bases of its former wooded arcade can be seen, where travellers and merchants used to find shelter. One of its main features is the way it centralizes the rest of the squares, being all of them visible from the Market Square, as well as all the towers. The square is completed by the notable front of the market/auction.

Around the three existing squares, namely the market and festivity squares, and the church square, the rest of the urban layout is organized, being the factories of the complex the landmarks of this organization. In the background of the market square was the ancient wool cloth factory, while the crystal factory was in the church square. The lodgings for the master glaziers and servants, and the inn were in the surroundings of the squares. The ground communications were carefully taken on account, for instance the path from Pozuelo del Rey, defrayed by Goyeneche himself, the path to Olmeda de las Fuentes or the road to Alcalá de Henares.