Senda de Valmores
Path of Valmores

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The path of Valmores starts from the historical center of Nuevo Baztán, going across the most remarkable landscape sites of the south-east area of Madrid. After crossing the moorland covered by crops and patches of holm oaks, the route goes down the slopes, among portuguese oaks, until it reaches the valley bottom, where the springs surface accompanied by the typical flora: riverside groves, reed beds, etc.

Through this path of Valmores we can analyze the historical facts that have shaped the landscape of Nuevo Baztán, taking on account that the development of nature is closely connected to the history of the people who live in it and their culture.

Human beings modify their environment, and also the living things in it, taking advantage of them to the measure of their needs.

Nature tries to adapt to this transformation, so it gets modified, altered or destroyed. Modifications happened in the past are the result of a very complex process where many factors take part. Human activity is just one of them. Water, climate and soil are also some of the elements that contribute to form a particular environment.

The advance of technology and industrialization over the last years have caused a strong imbalance between human beings and nature, breaking the scales. All the pressure plays in favour of progress and advance, making nature defenceless.

But we are still in time to change. We cannot allow ourselves the waste of a a natural landscape which is part of our cultural heritage, a legacy that we receive from our ancestors and should pass to the next generation.

A number of naturally balanced areas can still be found in our valley, and we should not be so unwise to let them be destroyed. We must be aware of them as a cultural reflection along history. They are part of us, and they will be our living legacy we will be judged upon.