Suede Factory remains


Path of Valmores

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Beside the traditional path between Nuevo Baztán and Olmeda de las Fuentes, do we find the remains of the great building dedicated to the manufacture of suede. It is a big size quadrangular construction, where the leather was tanned to manufacture different garments and accesories of the spanish battledress of the time. Breeches, suede garments, riffle belts, and other kind of accessories to carry the ammunition and different weapons were mannufactured in it.

According to the information provided by Eugenio Larruga in his “Memorias políticas y económicas sobre los frutos, comercio y fábricas y minas de España (1787-1800)”, Goyeneche stablished in 1715 a suede factory in the village of La Olmeda, mid way between this settlement and Nuevo Baztán: “Labróse para ella en la vega de dicha villa una gran casa, con muchos noques, y las oficinas necesarias para el beneficio de las pieles que se fabricasen de buena calidad, y en gran número, para calzones, bandoleras, viricúes y portafrascos de la tropa.“

In 1718, the suede factory had in its inventory 1500 leather pieces for belts and “biricús”, and 250 dozens of suede pieces. And there were two officials working in it.

This factory was really ephemeral, as it is known that in 1722 was already ruined. Following Eugenio Larruga, the reasons for this quick ruin were the lack of demand, the delays in payment collecting, and the embezzlement of 403.708 reales with 22 maravedís (18th century coins) by the factory’s director, Pedro Damis. This money had been given in advance by Goyeneche, and was never returned.